Why You Shouldn’t Delay Visiting the Dentist

woman at the dentist complaining about a tooth pain

If you are like most people, your daily life is busy. You probably work, have a family, and would like to have a social life, too. With a fully booked calendar, it can be hard to make room for a dentist appointment, especially when it probably isn’t your favorite thing to do anyway. But when you delay a visit to our dentist in Arlington VA, you could be risking your oral health.

Regular dental checkups aren’t just a way to trick you into going to the dentist twice a year. These exams play an important role in your overall health. During a dental exam, a dentist will perform a check on your teeth, gums, and the soft tissues of the mouth to make sure there are no signs of disease. Some diseases can present with symptoms in your mouth first, so a dentist may be able to help diagnose an issue before you’ve even noticed it. They’ll also be able to perform a check for periodontal disease, which is one of the leading reasons people lose their natural teeth. By catching issues like periodontal disease early, your Arlington VA dentist may be able to help slow, stop or even reverse the damage that has been done to your teeth.

It’s easy to skip a trip to the dentist, but for your oral health, you should make these bi-annual visit a priority. We’d love to see you in our office! Even if it’s been years since you’ve been to the dentist, we’ll do everything possible to make your visit comfortable and stress-free. You can call to make an appointment at 703-822-5583 or contact us through our website.

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