What To Know About Proper Flossing

It’s no secret that part of keeping your teeth healthy and in top condition is flossing daily. Food particles and bacteria buildup can congregate between the teeth, and unfortunately brushing does not get rid of it. That’s where the thin miracle of floss comes in and plays an essential aspect in oral hygiene. But even though flossing is so important, it’s not something people do as regularly as they should. In fact, for most people, the only time they get a thorough flossing is when they go see their local dentist for their yearly teeth cleaning. While this is understandable at times, there is no denying that flossing is necessary for a clean, healthy, and sparkling set of teeth.

In today’s blog post, we’re going to be sharing some information you may not have known about flossing, in an attempt to further stress the importance of making this a daily habit. Continue reading to learn five things you should know about proper flossing, as seen in The Oz Blog. If you have any further questions about flossing or are needing to schedule a deep cleaning for your pearly whites, contact Gentle Care Dentists in Arlington today.

You Should Clean Between Your Teeth Every Day

Your toothbrush can only do so much in cleaning your mouth. A good toothbrush can clean off the surface of your teeth, as well as the sides, top, and back of your mouth, but it can’t get in between your teeth the way flossing can. Between your teeth is where food particles and bacteria can build up, so it’s essential that you floss to get rid of anything that shouldn’t be there. While you may be tempted to pull out the floss once a week at max, flossing is something you should do every day in order to achieve and maintain an overall clean mouth. Not only that, but flossing works to prevent gum disease and cavities. Be sure to make this a priority every night as you brush your teeth before bed.

CTA Proper Flossing

There’s More Than One Type Of Floss

While you may feel most comfortable using traditional dental floss, there are other ways to floss as well. You have some different options when it comes to what you use to clean between your teeth, including dental picks and small brushes that reach in between. If you have braces, there is special floss that you can thread through the brackets to reach the nooks and crannies. You can also use this threader floss if you have retainer brackets glued to the back of your teeth. If you have any questions about which flossing tool is best for you and your mouth situation, ask your dentist before purchasing. They will offer good insight and advice into what you use.

You Should Get Your Child To Floss As Soon As They Grow Teeth

If you have children, you may be wondering if and when you should start flossing. The answer is: whenever they start growing teeth! That said, a two-year-old will have a hard time flossing for themselves, as it requires some muscle and coordination. You will have to help your little one with their flossing for a few years, and then around age 10, they will be ready to take on this task themselves. When you begin teaching your child about the importance of oral hygiene, lead by example and show them that you floss every day. Then when they are old enough to floss without your help, you can floss together to make the activity that much more fun.

Talk With Your Dentist About How To Floss Properly

When you go into your yearly dental cleaning, ask you dentist about flossing. Of course, they will tell you that it’s a critical part of your oral health care regime, but they will be able to offer more advice and insight on how you can maintain this habit.

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