Travel Tips to Maintain Healthy Teeth

Travel Tips to Maintain Healthy Teeth

Traveling is never an excuse to divert from your usual healthy oral routine. Teeth and gums may be damaged during travel especially if healthy oral care is neglected, according to our orthodontist.

To make it easier for you to still implement healthy oral care when traveling, Gentle Care Dentists give you our suggestions. Here:

  • Before Traveling, Make Time for a Checkup.

    Schedule your next regular visit before your trip. According to Dr. Messina, one of the resident dentists from, “Prevention isn’t only taking care of your teeth. It’s establishing a relationship with a dentist. Have a thorough exam so we can spot any problems before they happen.” 

  • Be Ready in Case of Emergency.

    Never forget to bring with you the contact details of your dentist in Arlington, Virginia on your phone or have a business card in your purse. Dr. Messina advises that “If you think you need to talk to somebody, you probably do. As a patient, it’s hard to know the difference between something that needs to be treated right away and something that can wait until you get home.”

  • In Case You Forget Your Toothbrush.

    If you’ve accidentally forgotten to bring along your toothbrush, an endodontist would advise that you rinse your mouth many times with water to rinse away some of the cavity-inducing bacteria on your pearly-whites. You can also apply some toothpaste on a clean cloth or finger and try to gently clean your teeth.

  • If Not Sure, Rinse with Bottled Water When Brushing

    If you are in a place or location where the supply of water is not sure to be clean, use bottled water to rinse and brush. 

These are a few of the travel tips we suggest that you remember before traveling. It is vital that even away from home, oral health and care remain part of our priority to avoid serious complications. For more details about our cosmetic dentistry in Virginia, call us today!

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