Tips For Caring For Your Braces

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We’re not going to lie — braces are not always fun. While you may feel initially excited to get them on, you most likely realize shortly after that they can be a pain. But the minor frustrations are worth it because you’re working toward straight teeth and a beautiful smile. Whether you struggle with an overbite and you want to correct it, or you want to straighten crooked teeth, braces can help fix the problem and encourage your teeth and jaw to cooperate and align.

Braces are an investment for sure. That’s why it’s so important to take care of your teeth and overall oral hygiene during the time you wear braces. When you go in for orthodontic treatment, you will be instructed on how to care for your braces. Today we’re going to give you a jumpstart by sharing with you a few tips and tricks for caring for and maintaining your braces. With braces, you’re working toward the best possible outcome, which is a white, straight smile. So be sure to read along to learn more and contact Gentle Care Dentists if you have any further questions.

Maintain The Quality Of Your Braces

There are three things to keep in mind when considering the care and maintenance of your braces.

  • Oral hygiene habits to follow
  • Foods to avoid
  • Instructions to adhere to

Oral Hygiene Habits To Follow

Braces or not, maintaining a healthy oral hygiene regime is essential for clean, shiny teeth. When you’re wearing braces, the last thing you want is to slack off and not be consistent with regular teeth brushing and flossing. If you fail to make teeth cleaning a priority, you’re running the risk of staining your teeth after the braces are removed. And after spending a large chunk of time with metal glued into your mouth, you wouldn’t be happy with the final product being stained, yellow teeth. So coming up with and maintaining a consistent cleaning routine will benefit you in the long run.

One of the best tips to follow religiously is to clean between the brackets of your braces. Even without braces, there are many nooks and crannies in your mouth where food can get caught, resulting in plaque build-up. And with braces on, there are many, many more places for food and bacteria to accumulate. Even if you can’t see it, a mouth full of braces can be a breeding ground for bacteria and plaque to grow. To avoid this, you’ll have to clean more thoroughly. Ask your orthodontist if they recommend a certain type of toothbrush that’s made for braces. Also ask them about any floss, tooth pickers, and mouthwash that can help clear out any unwanted food particles in your mouth. Certain orthodontists recommend brushing for a certain amount of time when you’re wearing braces. When you go in for your orthodontic treatment, you’ll be given instructions and suggestions for proper, effective teeth and braces cleaning.

Foods To Avoid

Even though you have a bunch of metal and wires in your mouth doesn’t mean your teeth are suddenly protected from any hard or crunchy foods. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. The metal brackets on your teeth and the wires that loop through are fragile. That’s why it is recommended to avoid overly hard, dense, or crunchy foods, like nuts, raw carrots, tough meats, and ice. If it’s soft and easy to chew, you’re good to go. But if it’s hard, you’re running the risk of popping off a bracket or breaking a wire. When you consider the amount of money and the amount of time you have invested into your braces to achieve a glowing smile, the last thing you’re going to want is damage. It will cost you even more time, and potentially money, to get the braces fixed and back to normal. In the long run, it’s not worth it. So don’t eat the bad food!

Orthodontic Treatment Instructions To Adhere To

All in all, your orthodontist will have and will convey the instructions necessary to keep your braces and your teeth as clean and well-maintained as possible. Whether your kid needs braces or you need braces yourself, Gentle Care Dentists is the place to go. Learn more about our services and contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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