Taking Care of Your Oral Hygiene When You’re On the Go

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It is observed that people between the ages 20 and late 40s have a busier lifestyle than people in other age groups. This so called “on the go” lifestyle takes a toll on your overall health. As a young or mid-aged professional, you may be busy with commute, driving, traffic, long hours of work and even business travel. Many also have added responsibilities as they have children and other family members to take care of. Some people also have demanding careers such as those in the medical field, technology sectors and financial sectors that require long and stressful hours of work. Similarly, lets not discount the full time moms of young children who get tired physically and are drained at the end of the day by taking care of kids, doing pick and drops and all the other chores around the house.

Maintaining a healthy oral hygiene is difficult when you are constantly busy during the day and night. A good oral health is as important as a good overall health in which there is focus on healthy eating and exercising regularly. Here are some pointers to keep your teeth and gums healthy even if you have a busy lifestyle.

Keep Hydrated

Drink plenty of water to not only keep yourself hydrated throughout the day but to prevent plaque, enamel erosion, gum disease and decay. Cut down or completely avoid sugary beverages, sodas and caffeinated drinks to protect your teeth and gums.

It is a good idea for professionals and stay-at-home moms to always keep a bottle of water handy so that they can keep sipping water easily throughout the day.

Quit Caffeine & Smoking

As we all know, smoking affects overall health seriously. It also ruins your oral health largely. Start with reducing the number of times you smoke and replace it with something healthy and delicious instead, like a few tasty crackers, nuts or berries or grapes. Cutting down coffee can be hard, but you can again, reduce the number of times you have coffee and opt for water-based drinks such as decaf green teas or herbal teas.

Although the above does not apply to those busy at home, like moms, they need to be cautious in other ways. One of the things moms of young kids or babies do is rush into drive through coffee stops or fast food restaurants for coffees and other goodies that are high in sugar and fat. This is the easiest thing to do because it can be extremely challenging for them to have coffee or eat with babies around and so eating in the car is the easiest thing they can do. For busy moms at home, it is important to find those few minutes of peace where they can relax and enjoy healthy food so that they don’t rush to coffee and unhealthy food.

Eat Healthy

Snacking on unhealthy foods is perhaps the easiest things busy people do. This happens because of easy availability of processed and packaged snacks through vending machines or even because of skipped meals after which you choose unhealthy options because of extreme hunger.

To eat healthy for overall health and dental health, you can easily pack some nuts, healthy crackers or bars, fruits, baby carrots, celery and cheese. You could also choose healthier options available at coffee shops instead of choosing sugary coffees, baked goodies and candies.

Plan Ahead

This applies to anyone who is busy during the entire day and perhaps night like doctors and nurses who do night shifts or moms of babies less than a year who wake up few times for feeds. Planning your day ahead helps tremendously in ensuring good health, good teeth and good gums. It is a good idea to plan meals, snacks, brushing and flossing times if you are mostly busy. Try to pack healthy lunches such as quick salads or bowls. If you travel for work, it is a good idea to pack dry healthy snacks or find out places at or near the hotel or work where you can stock up on your healthy foods. Many airports also provide healthy food kiosks that have fruits, salads and nuts that you can buy. That way you will not be forced to get McDonalds when everything is closed.

The reason you should plan your brushing and flossing times is that after a hectic day, you end up falling asleep and forgetting to brush. In this scenario, it is good to schedule a definite time to brush and floss, such as immediately after lunch and dinner, you could carry your brushing kit with you to work or outside. Last but not the least, make sure you are on top of your routine dental visits so that any cavities or decays can be addressed early on.

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