1. Choosing a Dentist in Arlington VA

    10 Things to Look for While Choosing a Dentist

    With all the marketing and wide variety of dentists to choose from, it is hard to know if the dentist you have chosen is right for you. Need help figuring out if your dentist is top-notch? Here are 10 things that all great dentists have in common: 1.     Active Listening A great dentist not only has expert physical techniques, they also have great active listening skills. A top-notch dentist …Read More

  2. Make Teeth Brushing A Habit For The Whole Family With These Tips

    As an adult, you know the importance of maintaining a healthy mouth and clean teeth. You brush every morning and every night, if not more. You try to floss daily, and if you don’t, you at least are aware of how important flossing is. In addition to that, you visit the dentist on a regular basis for a thorough teeth cleaning and to make sure everything is looking as it should be. These habits wer…Read More

  3. What To Expect At Your Regular Visit

    Visiting the dentist isn’t something most people think about on a regular basis. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control, nearly 40% of adults in the United States haven’t had a dentist visit in over a year. To maintain the best dental health, the American Dental Association recommends a regular dental visit every six months. We understand that many people get nervous about visit…Read More

  4. Why You Shouldn’t Delay Visiting the Dentist

    If you are like most people, your daily life is busy. You probably work, have a family, and would like to have a social life, too. With a fully booked calendar, it can be hard to make room for a dentist appointment, especially when it probably isn't your favorite thing to do anyway. But when you delay a visit to our dentist in Arlington VA, you could be risking your oral health. Regular dental che…Read More