1. remedies for bad breath

    10 Remedies for Bad Breath

    Bad breath, also called halitosis, is an embarrassing condition that can cause suffers to avoid social events or close interactions with others. Bad breath can stem from a variety of reasons including bad dental hygiene or smelly foods. Thankfully, most causes of bad breath can remedied fairly easily so check out our tips to managing bad breath below. Bad breath can also be a sign of a more seriou…Read More

  2. Dental Health When You're Sick

    5 Ways to Care For Your Dental Health When You’re Sick

    You know that you have to take care of yourself when you're sick, but you might not have realized that this extends to your mouth care as well. But, amazingly, brushing your teeth when you're sick can be a great way to improve your mood--and your health. Here are five ways to care for your dental health when you're sick. 1. Don't Let Your Hygiene Slip We get it. It's easy to just say "blah" and fo…Read More