Motivating Children to Brush Their Teeth

children brushing their teeth with a hand toothbrush to get ready for bed time

Motivating children to brush their teeth at a young age should help to instill healthy oral care habits that will last a lifetime. In this blog, we look at three tips to help you with this.

Use a song

If you have young children, you already know how short their attention span is. Keeping them engaged with the toothbrush for a full two minutes can be a herculean task. The key to making these two minutes go by more quickly is to keep your child distracted from the fact that they are brushing, and a song is a great way to do that. Let them pick out their favorite song, and make that their tooth brushing anthem.

Do it with them

One of the best ways to encourage your children to develop healthy routines is to lead by example. Try to coordinate your morning routine in a way that allows you to brush your teeth at the same time your children do. If you are both brushing at the same time it won’t seem so bad.

Create a reward system

Finally, most children are highly motivated by rewards. Consider creating a rewards chart to keep them on track throughout the month. Using a gold star sticker and a calendar is an easy way to keep track of their progress.

Helping your children to establish healthy oral care habits is extremely important. Hopefully, these tips will help you to keep them motivated week after week. Even with a proper daily routine, don’t forget to schedule their regular checkup with their Arlington dentist. Call today to schedule their next visit.

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