close up of woman smile happily and take invisible braceWearing a retainer after braces have been removed is extremely important. Failing to wear a retainer to maintain the cosmetic and health benefits that wearing braces can produce is a huge mistake. Without the restraining influence of a plastic or metal retainer, a patient’s teeth are likely to move into a crooked or misaligned condition.

The Purpose Of A Retainer

A custom made retainer will ensure that a patient’s teeth and mouth remain properly aligned. The length of time that a retainer must be worn will vary from patient to patient and may require several years. After a set of braces has been removed, the pressure exerted by a growing body can cause a set of beautiful straight teeth to return to their crooked ways.

Even after the gap has been closed, however, it may still be necessary to wear a retainer to prevent the gap from reappearing. Other conditions that can be corrected with a retainer include tongue thrusts, a serious misalignment that allows the tongue to slip between a patient’s teeth why they are talking, TMD, and other bite problems. Retainers help to control naturally occurring, age related shifting of your teeth. You can have peace of mind that your orthodontic treatment will last a lifetime with retainers which can serve as the best insurance for your orthodontic treatment. Our top quality dentists are here to help you achieve the smile of a lifetime. Call us today and schedule your appointment.