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If you’re looking for a way to smile confidently again, you may want to consider partial dentures. At Gentle Care Dentists in Arlington, we’ve helped hundreds of people restore their smile with the help of a custom, natural-looking partial dentures. Partial dentures offer a great solution for people who suffer from missing teeth or for those who have gaps in their smile. If you’re interested in learning more about our partial denture procedures, contact our certified dentists today!

Partial Dentures To Replace Missing Teeth

According to the American Dental Association, partial dentures are an excellent way to replace missing teeth. If you have a difficult time chewing food or your speech has changed due to missing or damaged teeth, removable partial dentures can help. These dentures consist of replacement teeth that are attached to a pink or gum-colored plastic base. Depending on your oral health needs, your dentist will design your partial dentures after completing a thorough inspection of your teeth. Some partial dentures may have a metal framework that clasps and connects to your teeth. In some cases, partial dentures can attach to your teeth through a device called a precision attachment. These are often more aesthetic than clasps and they are easy to install and remove.

Tips For Your Removable Partial Dentures

If your dentist has determined that removable partial dentures are the best way to go, it may take some time to get used to them. It can take practice putting them in and taking them out, and in the beginning, your partial dentures may feel a bit odd or tight. It’s important to know that you should never try and force your dentures into place by biting down on them. This could bend or break your dental clasps and even damage your teeth.

Your dentist may recommend that you avoid wearing your removable partial dentures for more than 24 hours. The common practice is to remove your dentures before bedtime and to put them back in your mouth when you wake up. If you start to feel sore on one side of your mouth, let your dentist know right away. They will be able to adjust your dentures so they fit seamlessly and comfortably into your mouth. When it comes to caring for your partial dentures on a daily basis, consider the tips below:

  • Clean your partial dentures each day after you eat by taking them out of your mouth and rinsing off food particles.
  • Brush your partial dentures very gently. It’s best to use a special brush specifically made for dentures, however, a toothbrush with soft bristles will suffice as well.
  • Do not use toothpaste to clean your dentures. Some kinds of toothpaste contain abrasive particles that can damage your dentures.
  • Hold your partial dentures over a folded towel or a sink filled with cool water when you plan to clean them.
  • Keep your partials submerged in water or in a denture-soaking solution when you are not wearing them. Do not let them dry out! They can lose their shape that way.
  • When it comes to denture cleansers, opt for solutions with the American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance, a symbol for safety and effectiveness.
  • As you get older, your partial dentures may need to be adjusted or repaired by a professional. Contact the experts at Gentle Care Dentists in Arlington to learn more about how to care for your partial dentures.

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