orthodontists checking girl's teeth

What is Orthodontics and what to Orthodontists do?

The field of dentistry which aids in the prevention and treatment of dental and facial abnormalities such as crooked teeth and bad bites is called Orthodontics. An orthodontist specializes in moving teeth into the correct position and enhances dental facial growth and development.

What are the benefits of Orthodontics?

Few of the benefits of orthodontic care include:

  • A straighter, beautiful smile
  • Increased confidence in one’s appearance
  • Improvement in teeth and bite function
  • Improved dental hygiene and health of gums and teeth
  • Reduce teeth wear
  • Reduced chances of injury for front teeth that protrude from mouth.

Do you need braces?

There might be need of braces if you show the following signs:

  • Presence of protruding front teeth
  • Upper teeth either covering or being covered by your lower teeth whey you bite down
  • Teeth do not meet when mouth is closed.
  • Center teeth are not aligned.
  • Space between teeth is present.

Is there and age limit to visit an orthodontist?

Orthodontic care can be received at any age. However, the earlier the problems are detected, the better is the chance that you have at correcting them before any major problem is caused. It is recommended for children to visit an orthodontist at the age of seven, and perform most orthodontic care around the ages of nine to fourteen. However, you can also receive orthodontic treatment in your adulthood without any problems as long as your gums and teeth are in good condition.

How does Orthodontic treatment work?

Out of the several types of orthodontic treatment used, braces are the most common which work by placing gentle pressure on your teeth which shift them into right position thus creating a perfectly straight smile.

How long do I have to wear braces for?

On average, the duration of braces is for three years, however it varies from case to case depending on variables such as visit to orthodontist, progression of treatment, response of teeth to treatment and how good of a care of teeth is take.

Do braces hurt my teeth?

Braces only help the teeth, though there might be some sensitivity and soreness around your teeth and gums the first time braces are put on, which is normal. In time, you will no longer feel any sensitivity or irritation as the mouth becomes accustomed to having braces.

Will braces interfere with my life?

Though some adjustment is needed, braces will not interfere with your life. In case of playing sports, it is recommended that a mouth guard is worn to prevent injury to mouth, teeth and braces if you are hit in the face. In regards to playing wind instruments, only minor adjustments are needed to play instruments. Brace covers can also be purchased to help with the transition and prevent any discomfort that you may feel.