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Whether you’re an adult or a teen, we all want to look our best at all times. Changing the way your teeth are structured takes time and there are now ways to keep you looking your best during this period.

Clear braces or ceramic braces are translucent. This new technology is available for most cases. The great benefit of these braces is that you won’t have to have that metallic look. In addition, clear braces are specifically designed so that they won’t stain or wear over time.

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Metal vs. Clear Braces

Many adults and young teens dread the look of metal braces. Thankfully there are now other options including clear, ceramic braces.

  • Clear, ceramic braces tend to be less painful because they don’t irritate the gums as much.
  • Clear braces blend in no matter what color white your teeth are
  • Clear braces aren’t recommended for severe cases because they can’t withstand as much pressure as metal brackets can.
  • Clear braces are more expensive than metal braces
  • Clear brackets are bigger than metal brackets
  • The rubber bands used on clear brackets can stain if you’re not careful

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