Debunking Myths about Root Canal Treatments

Debunking Myths about Root Canal Treatments

Root canal treatments are arguably the most misconceived dental procedure in history. Many myths have gone around about root canal treatments that unnecessarily scare those who are yet to undergo the procedure. Are you one of those people? Any dentist in Arlington, Virginia, will gladly tell you that the following claims about the procedure are all entirely false.

  • Root canal treatments are extremely painful.

    This may have been the case decades ago. However, today’s advanced technology and anesthetics paved the way for painless and quicker root canal procedures. Ten out of ten people who’ve had it will describe the procedure the same way.

  • Root canal treatments are not the smart choice; tooth extractions are.

    Two facts prove this claim to be wrong. First, tooth extractions are considered the most traumatic dental procedure that actually increases the risks of infection, whereas root canal treatments are designed to effectively eliminate bacteria and prevent re-infection. Second, it is always better to save your natural teeth than to get it removed. A credible orthodontist will advise you to keep your natural teeth for proper eating and chewing functions. Sure, alternatives such as dentures and dental implants are available, but they would cost you more money than getting a root canal treatment.

  • Root canal treatments can cause cancer (or any other disease).

    Again, not true. There is no evidence supporting the claim that people developed cancer or any other type of disease due to a root canal treatment. This long-debunked myth started in the 1920s with a very faulty research by a Dr. Weston A. Price, during a time when diseases were frequently misdiagnosed.

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