Cosmetic Dentist: How to Choose the Right One for You

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Choosing a great cosmetic dentist takes more than looking at their slogans, their website, signs and their marketing.

The first step in choosing a great doctor is making sure that they have training in cosmetic dentistry. A majority of the time, this information is available on the practices website.

Great cosmetic dentists not only have advanced training in aesthetics of your teeth, but also keep up with recent advancements in the field of cosmetic dentistry by regularly attending continuing education courses. You can also ask your dentist about their special training, expertise and qualifications.

While choosing a cosmetic dentist, also be sure to ask your dentist about the previous work they have performed. Before and after pictures help you give an idea of the quality of work of the dentist. These pictures can be found in the dentist website, or on-file in their office. Make sure that the pictures are of actual patients, and not stock photos.

A great cosmetic dentist also has and in-depth understanding of the rules of Smile Design which they will discuss with you to understand how your best smile can be achieved.

Before visiting a dentist, do your own smile analysis at home so you have a sense of what you need about your smile and you can gauge your dentists’ expertise.

After evaluating your smile, your first appointment with a cosmetic dentist will be a consultation where your smile goals, expectations and concerns will be discussed.

The doctor will not only determine the best course of action to achieve your best smile, but also discuss how the procedure will affect your bite, teeth and gums. A complete evaluation of your teeth, jaws, muscles will also be performed. The dentist will also address any questions you have along with any biological or functional issues that may arise during the cosmetic procedure.

The lab technician also plays a crucial role in giving you your best smile. The lab technician who is making your porcelain veneers or other restoration and their artistic abilities, along with the quality of ceramics used is instrumental in giving you your best smile.

While the best and experienced lab support may be more expensive, it is the only way to achieve the best results and give you the smile you have always dreamed of.

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