1. How Do Medications Affect Oral Health?

    Medications, both, prescription medications and over-the-counter medications can affect your oral health in multiple ways. Many of us are unaware about the effects of medications on teeth and gums. Today, nearly all people aged 50 and above take one or more prescription drugs on a daily basis. There is also a growing trend where people are becoming regular in use of antacids, pain killers and anti…Read More

  2. Taking Care of Your Oral Hygiene When You’re On the Go

    It is observed that people between the ages 20 and late 40s have a busier lifestyle than people in other age groups. This so called "on the go" lifestyle takes a toll on your overall health. As a young or mid-aged professional, you may be busy with commute, driving, traffic, long hours of work and even business travel. Many also have added responsibilities as they have children and other family me…Read More

  3. Which Is Better – Root Canal Or An Extraction?

    When you go into a dental office with a tooth ache, your dentist can either tell you that you need fillings or a root canal or even worse, that the tooth can't be saved and needs to be extracted. Root canals and extractions can both be painful but extraction is a lot more invasive and is accompanied with other procedures that need to follow, such as implant surgery and probably a sinus lift, if th…Read More

  4. How To Care For A Dental Emergency?

    Dental emergencies can be painful and complicated. Although dental emergencies are mostly not life threatening, they can be accompanied by broken tooth or teeth, pain, loss of blood and the fear of loosing one or more teeth. Dental emergencies can be handled in different ways, depending on the type of emergency situation you are in. In almost all situations, it is important to try to get to your d…Read More

  5. Link Between Oral Health & Heart Health

    It is said that there is a big relationship between heart health and oral health. Research has shown that people with who have had a lot of dental problems end up having some type of heart condition later in life. So, what is the connection between your teeth and gums and your heart? The bloodstream is what connects your oral health to your cardiovascular health. Blood passes on all the nutrients …Read More

  6. Best Foods for Teeth & Gum Health

    Today, rather than looking for healthy food options just for losing weight, try to eat and drink better in order to maintain a good overall health. Most of us want to use food as medicine and many of us suffer from a variety of conditions such as digestive, weight, hormonal, pain and many other complicated conditions. Health professionals and dentists always tell us to eat well for dental health b…Read More

  7. common-dental-issues-for-seniors

    7 Oral Health Issues Common In Seniors

    Dry Mouth Dry mouth is a common issue in Seniors. Whether it occurs at night or during the day, dry mouth can be frustrating and uncomfortable. But when it comes to your oral health, dry mouth is more than just an annoyance it’s a serious issues. Saliva is responsible for coating the teeth to protect them against damage, neutralizing acids, and washing away bad bacteria and bits of leftover food…Read More

  8. Chipped Tooth

    Chipped Tooth – What You Need to Know

    A chipped tooth occurs when some outside force causes the enamel of the tooth, the tough outer covering of your teeth, to break.  The result is a jagged tooth surface that is sharp, sensitive, not aesthetically pleasing. The most common causes of chipped teeth include, biting down on hard substances like candy or ice, falls or car accidents, injuries from contact sports, and teeth grinding. Do I …Read More

  9. remedies for bad breath

    10 Remedies for Bad Breath

    Bad breath, also called halitosis, is an embarrassing condition that can cause suffers to avoid social events or close interactions with others. Bad breath can stem from a variety of reasons including bad dental hygiene or smelly foods. Thankfully, most causes of bad breath can remedied fairly easily so check out our tips to managing bad breath below. Bad breath can also be a sign of a more seriou…Read More