10 Things to Look for While Choosing a Dentist

Dentist examining a patient's teeth in the dentist.

With all the marketing and wide variety of dentists to choose from, it is hard to know if the dentist you have chosen is right for you.

Need help figuring out if your dentist is top-notch? Here are 10 things that all great dentists have in common:

  1. Active Listening

    A great dentist not only has expert physical techniques, they also have great active listening skills.

    A top-notch dentist in Arlington, VA does not rush treatment and takes the time to make the patient comfortable and listen to any concerns they might have.

  2. Patient Education

    The normal dental patient does not have complete knowledge about oral health, good habits, treatment options and medical issues as they did not go to dental school.

    A great dentist takes time to educate the patient about all of this and explain their treatment options.

  3. Respect for Patient Time and Resources

    A great dentist is punctual and considers your financial situation while suggesting treatment. They do not constantly keep your in the waiting room or charge you unaffordable pricey treatments.

  4. Clean Office Space

    A great dentist’s office needs to be clean, neat and orderly according to the American Dental Association (ADA).

    Dirty and disorganized dental offices can spread germs and make your family sick with things like old gloves and dirty instruments contaminating the exam room.

  5. Does Not Upsell Treatments or Products

    A great dentist does not act like a sales person and try to upsell you on products and treatments. They will only give you the treatment that is the best for you after discussing it with you prior to treatment.

  6. Personal Experience

    In the office of a great dentist, you are not treated as just another number. The dentist takes his/her time to get to know you so s/he can provide the best care possible and increase the quality of the care received.

  7. Facilitates a Long-Term Relationship

    All good dentists view their patients as a long-term patient rather than a one-time job.

    This includes making patients feel recognized, scheduling regular screenings, following up with the patient for their appointment, and so on.

  8. Attitude Towards Staff

    A major part of the care patients receive is through the dental staff, and a great dentist is not only kind and attentive to the patient, but to the staff as well.

    A great dentist interacts well with coworkers, has a great management style and boosts the mood of the staff working with you.

  9. After Treatment Follow-Up

    Some dental procedures can be time-consuming and grueling with complications that may hinder your recovery.

    A great dentist always follows up with their patient after such procedures to make sure the patient is responding well to treatment and on their way to a full recovery.

  10. Patient Value

    A great dentist values their patients and welcomes them to the practice’s family, showing a genuine interest in the patients personally, their concerns and their family.

    The dentist does not treat the patient as just another item to check off their list.

    Choosing the right dentist is a big decision that can affect the oral health of you and your family and should not be taken lightly.

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